3 Invitations in 1!

This was my most difficult invitation logistically. Stephanie is having three events for her wedding weekend – a Rehearsal Dinner, the actual wedding and then a day after Brunch. Nearly half of the guest list is invited to all three events. A small portion is invited to the wedding and day after brunch. And the remainder to just the wedding. My challenge was to make this work. We started by doing a folded card for those guests invited to multiple events. I designed two different cards for the different events. Then there was a standard panel RSVP for those guests just invited to the wedding.

But the custom design didn’t stop there. Then there had to be three different Reception cards! I accomplished this by titling multiple events as “Celebration Weekend” and listing the events and then a “standard” Reception card.

Although difficult in planning, this saved Stephanie a ton of money in design of three different events and in postage alone.

There is nothing standard or typical about these invitations. The colors, the gorgeous watermarked invitation and the envelopes are crazy – even for me. ­čśë

This order reminded me too that not everyone feels comfortable telling me to try again. I’m so used to people telling me exactly what they think, it was surprising when Stephanie didn’t want to hurt my feelings by saying “um, I don’t like it, try again”. I’m glad she finally did because the ending result is stunning.

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