A New Look

I’ve been working for months on a new look for my website gourmetinvitations.com. I had the idea months back to do photos with brides and invitations. Dionne from the Shooting Gallery and I talked for weeks about ideas, and she really propelled my ideas to a new level. Working with two of my past brides, we took all of the pictures in Downtown Detroit on a really dreary February day. As the girls walked through the streets, they actually had old ladies yelling at them for ruining their dresses! And some of the pictures were taken at a People Mover station and they had people taking photos of them with their cell phones as the People Mover stopped at the station.

We also went to Heidelburg Projects and it was so cold and windy I can’t believe the girls did it. It was muddy and freezing, but we got some amazing pictures. Because of Lauren and Stacie and Dionne’s amazing ability, my vision started to come true.

With the new look, I also have a totally new website and logo. I was able to hire an amazing web designer who took over my project and the final touches to my look were completed.

Also new for me now is a totally new studio in my home designed for me to work more efficiently and to better show off my products. I’m looking forward to my 2008 brides picking up their orders to see the new look and especially to next year’s consults.

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