Arabic Wedding Invitations

Arabic Wedding Invitations

These Arabic wedding invitations were designed for a Royal Highness!  I worked closely with Preston Bailey to design an emblem for the event. The HRH wanted a very simple design. She didn’t want a monogram, any over the top packaging, or any bling. Her idea of simple was one invitation in copper print with a beautiful edge and Arabic calligraphy.

Arabic-Wedding-Invitations-Gourmet-Invitations_0003 Arabic-Wedding-Invitations-Gourmet-Invitations_0002

The emblem was engraved on every piece of the invitation and insert. As is the custom in the Middle East, each invitation is hand delivered to the guests! I designed an envelope box that is die cut with the same shape of the emblem. The outer box for delivery has a copper foil edging on the inside and outside the flap – it’s all in the details.  A smaller box was included inside for the guest to be able to carry the insert to the wedding that was also their entrance “ticket”.


The Arabic wedding invitations were designed with gorgeous Arabic calligraphy and engraved with copper ink.  Hand-painted beveled and contoured edges for the invitation created a gorgeous design element. (This was inspired by the Kardashian’s wedding invitations!) That edging gave the classic invitations a fresh and updated look.  Inserts were sent inside a small box for the guests to keep their valet and driver cards at hand.


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