Beauty and the Beast Invitations

My History with Beauty and the Beast

I’d love to tell you that I remember seeing Disney’s Beauty and the Beast¹ when I was a little girl.  Holding onto my mother’s hand with a Belle doll in the other.  But alas, in 1991 I was 21 years old.  Growing up with Disney and loving all of the movies, books, and even the record and slide shows on my GE Show n Tell, seeing this movie at the age of 21 was not odd for me.  I loved the music, the colors, and the story.  The best part was that The Beast wasn’t this drop dead gorgeous prince at the end.  He was “real”.

Over the years, I bought the movie on VHS tape (yeah, I’m old) and then again as a DVD.  When my son was young, I played it for him and was so surprised how dark and scary the movie was! That Beast has a temper!  I’m also a huge fan of ABC’s Once Upon a Time*.  Although I don’t like Rumpel as the Beast, Emilie de Ravin is a perfect Belle.

One of my favorite clients has been ordering invitations from me since her 2008 wedding.  I have done invitations for both of her children’s birthday parties including these Puppy Birthday Invitations and  Cinderella² and Bubble Guppies³ Invitations!  This year, Susie’s daughter Noelle wanted a Beauty and the Beast invitation.

Beauty and the Beast Invitations

It’s difficult to not cross over the copyright line when you are designing invitations inspired by such iconic movie.  For Noelle’s invitations, I used the rose image around the border of the invitation.  The colors of gold and blue for Beauty and the Beast were used with this very yellow-gold glitter cardstock.

beauty and the beast invitations beauty and the beast invitations closeup


¹ DISNEY’S BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is a trademark of Disney Enterprises, Inc.


³ CINDERELLA is a trademark of Disney Enterprises, Inc.

*ONCE UPON A TIME is seen Sunday nights on ABC.

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