Brandi’s Damask Invitations

Here is another black and white Damask invitation. As usual, this new invitation is now my favorite damask! I do more and more damask with each coming month so I wanted to make these unique for Brandi.

I used the graphic along the top & bottom and the top almost added a chandelier look to the invitations. We added these gorgeous black Swarovski crystals to the graphic. So many black “crystals” look like plastic. These Swarovski crystals are black in tone, but still have an iridescent quality to stand out on the invitation.

A requirement of Brandi’s was that I do an amazing ribbon wrap around the inserts. This one took a lot of ribbon, but the rosette quality was a perfect compliment to the damask graphic.

And my favorite detail? It’s a toss up between her custom damask stamps and the custom damask envelope liners!

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One comment

  • Christina January 26, 2009  

    these are amazing!!