Carousel Invitation - A Baby Shower Music Box Invitation

Carousel Invitation that is also a Music Box!

It is always such an honor when a fellow colleague asks you to design invitations. Jennie from Bellisario Florist asked me to design a carousel invitation for her baby shower. She wanted the invitation to be a music box and to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Challenge accepted!  Be sure to click on the video so you can see and hear the full effect.carousel invitation

Gold metal overlay on the invitation

The carousel was made from a thick brushed gold acrylic that was laser etched with the merry-go-round details.  Then pink Swarovski® crystals are added to the canopy of the carousel and to the top of the flag pole.  Stars are added to the bottom to tie in the music of Twinkle Twinkle Little star.

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carousel invitations gold laser cut invitation

Gift Display Insert

Many couples are opting to do a gift display at their showers.  Typically the bridesmaids or other family members will take the gifts into an area and arrange the gifts in an artful way.  Then all of the guests can walk through to see all of the gifts.  This allows for large showers to move along quickly and for the mom to be to not be on her feet for hours opening presents.  The insert tells the guests to not wrap their presents and to just enjoy the shower!

music box invitation

Music Box Invitation

The box was designed with a watercolor pink print and the carousel is printed with gold foil on the top.  Each box has a solar power sensor inside to play the music as soon as the lid is open.

gift display insert

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