Chandelier Wedding Invitation Suite

Lisa contacted me after she found a chandelier wedding invitation that I had designed in the past.  Although I love to design new invitations, sometimes an invitation I have already designed just speaks to a bride.  We changed the colors for her suite and I designed a seating chart, programs and menus, all with the chandelier.


Gourmet-Invitations-chandelier-wedding-invitations_0004 Gourmet-Invitations-chandelier-wedding-invitations_0002 Gourmet-Invitations-chandelier-wedding-invitations_0005 Gourmet-Invitations-chandelier-wedding-invitations_0000 Gourmet-Invitations-chandelier-wedding-invitations_0003 Gourmet-Invitations-chandelier-wedding-invitations_0001


Photography: Dean Michaels Studio

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