Double Baby Shower Invitations

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These baby shower invitations are unique on two levels.  First, I didn’t get to work with just one of my past brides, but I got to work with two.  Kristen and Laura are sisters-in-law and I did both of their wedding invitations.  Second, they are both having baby boys and they are having a double baby shower!

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Laura and Kristen wanted an invitation designed around the poem, “double the diapers, and double the toys, Kristen and Laura are both having boys”. So the invitation had these two sweet baby boys on the inside riding in a wagon.diaper baby shower invitations, toy baby shower invitations, wagon baby shower invitations, boys baby showerThen the invitation was mounted inside a gatefold and I designed the front with two sets of diapers and two sets of cars.

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  • Lisa Donlan March 1, 2012  

    Looking for customized joint shower invitations.
    We would like a tri-fold invitations if possible.
    Qty Needed = 25

  • Helen Reader June 11, 2012  

    Do you sell these?? I am having a double baby shower for my 2 daughters and they are both having boys. If not, do you have a pattern I could try and copy? Thanks, Helen