Handwritten Wedding Invitations

Handwritten Wedding Invitations

When an amazing wedding planner like Shay Brown Events contacts you, you know the wedding is going to be fabulous. I had the pleasure of creating handwritten wedding invitations for Mary. The handwriting is airy and delicate and runs off the edges of all of the invitation pieces. These simple wedding invitations are brought to a whole new level with the way the typography flows off the edges.

handwritten wedding invitations

Handwritten fonts

Working with handwritten fonts can be challenging.  You typically need design software to manipulate the letters.  Especially if you would like to link two words together.  The effect of the letters trailing off the edges is unique and special. If you are looking for an invitation with simple elegance, but with a flair for the unique lettering, you’ll need to hire a professional to help you with the design.

rustic invitation invitation handwriting font Mary wanted to add their black labrador to the invitations and the best way to do that is with custom postage. Nothing says “personal invitations” like your puppy on invitations. I always use Zazzle stamps because their printing, quality, and customer service is top notch.blue wedding invitation



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