Heather + Michael: Damask and Father Inspired

When a family friend of Heather’s contacted me, I was booked for her wedding date. Over the following weeks, Lynda contacted me several times, and I don’t want to say she begged, but yes – she begged me to do Heather’s invitations. Something told me to take the order. I’m so thankful that I did because Heather and her mother have truly touched me emotionally over the past months.

The theme of Heather’s wedding is the so-popular damask. That was the easy part. When it came to the wording though, it was so important for Heather to include her deceased father on the invitation. This is difficult to do without it sounding like her father is actually hosting. Then Heather told me the story of her father: “He was killed in a car accident 2 years ago and he had this little secret savings for my wedding. I found out after he passed away.”

Heather’s invitations are all white damask on black. These lavish boxed invitations are wrapped with a damask mailing sash addressed to each guest.

When the guest opens the box, they find a beautiful set wrapped in yards of thick hot pink ribbon. The cover piece is printed with damask and personalized for each guest.

The map is likely my favorite map of all time – printed in all white on black.

The RSVP cards are the only black printing on white in the suite. If I could have supplied the guests with a white pen, these would have been black too. ­čÖé

The RSVP envelopes are the other touch of hot pink in the set with the damask wrapping over the flap and hot pink and black custom damask stamps.

And finally, two custom damask stamps completed the look.

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  • Lyndsay April 29, 2009  

    These are amazing Tifany – and such a beautiful story. Well done!

  • socialcircles April 30, 2009  

    Absolutely stunning as always – but these rank in my all time favs!

  • TwoFoot April 30, 2009