Indian Fusion Wedding Invitations

Indian fusion wedding invitations have become so popular with more multi-cultural couples are getting married.  For Smitha and Baxter, we designed a vibrant Indian fusion wedding invitation with a small silver Ganesh and bold peonies.  The invitations was presented as a gatefold with teal ribbons holding in the vibrant salmon inserts with white printing.gourmet-invitations-indian-fusion-wedding-invitations_0001

Indian fusion wedding invitations almost always have a Ganesh (Ganesha) on the invitation.  We designed the suite with the Ganesha at the top of the invitation and as part of their monogram.gourmet-invitations-indian-fusion-wedding-invitations_0002 Invitations with ribbon details are always stunning and a surprise for the guests.  This teal ribbon was wound around the inserts and attached into the gates of the gatefold invitation.gourmet-invitations-indian-fusion-wedding-invitations_0003

The envelope for Smitha’s Indian fusion wedding invitations was designed with a grouping of peonies that draped over the flap of the invitation.  The custom postage stamps continued the peony design in reverse color with their monogram and Ganesh.gourmet-invitations-indian-fusion-wedding-invitations_0004 gourmet-invitations-indian-fusion-wedding-invitations_0000

We also designed ceremony programs with the Ganesh symbol, table numbers with peonies and Ganesh and mongram thank you cards.

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