Katie’s Modern Minimalist Gatefold

This style is what appeals to me more than any other. I’m sure that surprises people since I use so many graphics in my work, but I feel this style is what I would do for myself. I find the style challenging too because with graphics, they become the focus. Where in this style, every letter needs to be the focus. Elements of this invitation just started to fall into place. The “to” between Katie and Christopher’s name became the theme on these invitation. Well, that and the date. I used the lower case fancy font as the heading on every card and came up with totally unique headings. The stamps are all custom from Zazzle.com and follow the date theme. I tied these in with another new ribbon twist to stay with her style. The envelopes are one of my favorites and proved to be a formatting nightmare, but it was worth every font change and every dot between the zip code numbers. Even the RSVP cards are custom down to the letter with the number of seats reserved printed on each card.

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