Letterpress and foil stamping are stunning on their own. But combine them together and you get . . .WOW! Both print process create a depress in the materials since they are pressed into the medium that you are printing. In general, letterpress would create a deeper depression than foil stamping. Letterpress tends to be a matte ink where foil stamping is metallic and can be highly reflective.  You combine the two processes together and the result is a stunning textural and dimensional piece.letterpress-and-foil-stamping_0003 To give these letterpress and foil stamping invitations even more pizazz, we die cut the thick invitation into the beautiful shape.  A crest with a monogram was designed for the top and printed with baroque swirls around the crest.letterpress-and-foil-stamping_0005 letterpress-and-foil-stamping_0004 letterpress-and-foil-stamping_0006

Due to the number of events, we designed multiple inserts. Our favorite inserts are the rehearsal dinner, that was a thick navy cardstock printed with gold foil stamping, and the response card with an unique layout.  The response card had places for each guest to fill in their name and to check their meal choice.  We used a cow, fish, and mushroom to represent the meal choices and then had a legend at the bottom of the response card with a detail description of each dish!


UPDATE: We also designed Genevieve’s brothers invitations! You can see them HERE.letterpress-and-foil-stamping_0002 letterpress-and-foil-stamping_0000 letterpress-and-foil-stamping_0001 letterpress-and-foil-stamping_0007 letterpress-and-foil-stamping_0008 letterpress-and-foil-stamping_0009 letterpress-and-foil-stamping_0010

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