New Years Wedding Theme Invitations

We have done this New Years wedding theme for so many clients over the years.  It all started with Kathryn’s New Year’s Eve invitations and this has become my most requested invitation.  The typography and the bold names create a classic look but is all something fun and different that appeals to so many of our clients.gourmet-invitations-new-years-wedding-theme_0003 For Anne’s New Years wedding theme invitations, we did some fun changes to the original design.  These navy and ivory New Year’s Eve invitations had a super fun response card with the unique wording of “No, you planned your wedding at the worst time of the year and too far away!”gourmet-invitations-new-years-wedding-theme_0000 Anne also had one of our all time favorite ceremony programs.  The order of ceremony wording simply listed, “Music Starts, We get married, Everyone Parties”.  gourmet-invitations-new-years-wedding-theme_0001 For the table numbers, we did a New Years wedding theme of resolutions.  Each table listed a funny resolution.

We have tons of New Years wedding theme ideas. Contact us today to get started on your unique theme!

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