Nicole + Joshua: Library Inspired – The Newberry Library

I have been anticipating these invitations since last July when Nicole first contacted me. She asked if I could do a library theme wedding invitation for her upcoming wedding at the Newberry Library in Chicago. The concept was totally new to me – to make an invitation look like something completely different than a wedding invitation. We talked about ideas for months. Most of the ideas were not about the invitations though. This was such a fun project for me, I’d get an idea for decor and often times, emailed Nicole about different ideas for the wedding.

I spent months researching the concept for these invitations. I contacted the Newberry Library in Chicago and they were kind enough to send me literature about the library. From that literature, I used the Newberry logo for Nicole and Joshua’s own library logo.

Nicole gave me complete design freedom on these. When I was finished, I was more nervous about sending the proofs than any I’ve ever done. I really took the library theme and went all out with it. I was so afraid that she would think I went too far, but Nicole loved them.

The invitation was designed to look like a vintage library card. The invitation was placed in a pocket in Nicole’s deep Navy color. The pocket looks just like a vintage library pocket in the front of a library book.

I came up with the idea to make the RSVP card as a Library Card Application – complete with a red stamp mark that I designed for the due date.

The RSVP envelopes declare that the contents include library business.

This card was more researched than the rest. I looked at dozens of vintage card catalogue cards to come up with the design. Then I searched the database of the Newberry Library for a book to feature on this card catalogue insert.

I completed the look with rounded corners and a hole at the bottom.

The deep navy blue envelopes are wrapped with the guest’s address.

Thank you Nicole. You inspired me to think so far out of the box and I’m truly grateful that you would contact me to design these one of a kind library invitations.

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  • Lucky Designs April 17, 2009   Reply →

    Tifany – these are incredible!

  • TwoFoot April 18, 2009   Reply →

    Those are absolutely awesome! What a cool idea.

  • K Sherrie+Co Planning Atelier April 18, 2009   Reply →

    I absolutely love this invitation! Along with everything else you put out!! I need to get married. . .

  • Elisa T July 27, 2009   Reply →

    I love all of your invitations, this one is really awesome. We are doing a music inspired reception at the Newberry Library next April!

  • Phuong August 7, 2009   Reply →

    These are absolutely fantastic!! Although not all to my taste, the quality is immaculate! And some are down right amazing like this one.

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