Plum and Gold Wedding Invitations

Be sure to scroll down to see the viral video of Dean’s 365 Day Proposal to Jennifer!

Jennifer and Dean are YouTube “stars”! (Scroll down to the end to see the 365 Day Proposal video). Victoria Canada Events introduced us and I was thrilled when Jennifer hired me to design her plum and gold wedding invitations. Their invitations are designed as a hardbound book. I used a material that felt like leather and then attached a die cut invitation inside.  The invitation is a vintage cut bracket shape printed with gold ink.  Then a leather-feel pocket is cut into an elegant vintage shape and it holds the rsvp card and accommodations card.  Since the destination wedding was over the entire weekend at the Arizona Biltmore, I included a list of all the weekend’s events.  I included the welcome party on the accommodations card as it took place at the Biltmore.  This saved money and postage by cutting down on another insert.

plum-and-gold-wedding_0000 plum-and-gold-wedding_0002

Custom Invitation Medallions

The front of the invitation has my exclusive enameled medallion.  It was made of a gold medal and then enameled with cream to match the invitation. I designed a J and D monogram and it is laser cut out of a gold medal and attached to the medallion.  Instead of envelopes, the invitations are mailed in custom cream boxes that open like an envelope. The addresses are printed with a plum color to match the plum and gold wedding invitations.


We’d love to create a unique invitation for you!

plum-and-gold-wedding_0004 plum-and-gold-wedding_0009 plum-and-gold-wedding_0003 Photo Credit: Rebecca Marie Photography


Take a look at some other purple and gold invitations I have designed for more inspiration.

Purple and Gold fusion invitations

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Purple and Gold Invitations

Watch this time-lapsed video of me and Rebecca Ickes styling these invitation photos!

Dean’s 365 Day Proposal to Jennifer is a much watch!

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