Preston Bailey’s Wedding Invitations

I still can’t believe that I was able to design celebrity event designer Preston Bailey’s wedding invitations! Just a few days after I got home from ISSE Mexico, I emailed Preston Bailey and let him know that I would love to design his wedding invitations.  I have always tried in my career to think “the worst that could happen is they say no”.  To be honest, I didn’t expect a call back.  Two days later, Preston sent me the photograph to use in the invitation and the next day I got a call from Marcy Blum, who was planning Preston’s wedding.  Within the span of three days, my life went from normal to VERY surreal.

Timing was an issue and the invitation design happened very quickly.  I designed three different ideas for the invitations.

This invitation was designed after the Empire State Building monogram on the floor.  The art deco gatefold invitation was designed with custom die cut envelopes.

The wedding had a king kong theme and I loved the idea of the invitation being sent as a movie poster with ticket rsvp cards.

This design would end up being the final design. The gatefold was designed with the Empire State building laser cut with the art deco style.  The inside of the gatefold held the invitation and a hidden pocket that held the inserts.

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