Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Invitation Designer

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Written by Ayn Bernos, Content Manager for Wedding Favy

Your wedding invitations do not only inform your guests where to go and what to wear, but they also reflect what the guests could expect from your big day. You would think invites are just simple cards to be sent out, but in reality, they are more than that. The appearance and overall look also matter so try to give a little bit more effort in it. To help you get started, here are some guide questions for you & your fiancé to discuss with your invitation designer:


  1. We’re not sure about the design yet, do you have a portfolio/catalog we can browse through for inspiration?

Some couples cannot decide when it comes to what their wedding invites design should be, so it is best if you look for inspiration from your designer’s available templates. However, you could also start viewing designs for your wedding invitations online like Pinterest just so you could already have an idea about what you would like to have.


  1. How about if we want our own design, do you accept customized invites?

On the other hand, there are couples who already have an idea in mind. Talk to your designer about their terms when it comes to personalization especially from the color palette, to your desired font style, and even down to the type of paper you want. Additionally, you might want to consider calligraphy so ask your designer if they are affiliated with a calligrapher that could contribute to the appearance of your invitation cards.

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  1. Is it possible to customize the wording for our invitations?

There are certain rules to be followed and etiquette to be observed when it comes to the wording in your invitation, that’s why most invites may be worded similarly. It could also depend on who will be hosting the event and whatnot. You may also want to note that there might be a word limit on the invites that you need to observe so better talk about it with your artist as well.


  1. Do you have other available stationery aside from the invites? If so, what are your rates for a package?

Your wedding invitations, together with more wedding stationery such as table numbers, seating arrangements, save the dates, and place cards, might be available in one package. More often than not, they are available so better ask your designer in order for you to get more and spend less! This is one way to save even just a little bit so you can splurge more on other more important things, say, the food?

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  1. May we review the design before you print them out?

Remember, your invites are a representation of your wedding day so you would not want even the slightest typographical error in them! It does not hurt to double or triple check everything. Ask your designer to send you updated proofs of your wedding invites. After all, it is for your special day and you only want the best of everything.

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