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Book Table Numbers

When Be Inspired PR let us know that Popsugar was looking for rustic chic wedding details, we submitted our amazing book table numbers!  Made from vintage books, we made each table number a chapter in our couples lives.  Chapter 1 was titled “First Date” and ending with “The Wedding” which was the table number for the head table!  Be sure to read to the bottom for our DIY directions to make your own!

table-numbers_0005 table-numbers_0000 table-numbers_0001

You can see our couples save the dates here and their wedding invitations here!

How to make book Table Numbers

  1. Find old hardbound books at garage sales, eBay or used book stores.
  2. Print your table numbers to fit the size of the book.  You will likely need to cut each table number separately because books are all different sizes.
  3. Mix white glue with just enough water to make it runny – about 70/30 glue/water
  4. With a paint brush, paint the glue on the inside back cover. Next paint the glue on the edge of the book pages while the book is closed.
  5. Put wax paper in between the front cover and first page to prevent the cover from sticking to the rest of the book.
  6. Place lots of weight on top of the book. We used a large pot full of water.
  7. Let dry overnight.
  8. Open and attach your table number to the glued together pages.

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