When our dear friend, Bill Hamilton Designs, asked us to design invitations for his own wedding, we were so honored. It is one thing for a vendor to recommend you to work with clients. But it is a whole different level when a colleague asks you to design something for them personally.  In 2013, gay marriage wasn’t legal yet in Michigan.  Bill and Chris were getting married in New York City where they could be legally married and chose Grand Central Terminal as the location for their wedding. We knew that nothing would be more perfect than train wedding invitations. And they just couldn’t be sent in envelopes. We suggested men’s vintage wallets to present the invitations and Bill was all in.

The train wedding invitations were inspired from a vintage train ticket.  We did a fun detailing and punched out the date instead of writing out the information. Their wedding was a destination wedding in New York City and we found examples of old train timetables and designed the itinerary after those pieces.  The train ticket invitation was placed in the wallet and we designed the faux alligator leather wallet to have a pocket to hold the timetable. On the front of the wallet, we listed the name, date and location in gold foil. We didn’t feel that mailing the wallets in an envelope would do. Instead, we wrapped each invitation in a vintage style packing paper and used die cut mailer labels for the address.train-wedding-invitations_0002 train-wedding-invitations_0001 train-wedding-invitations_0000 train-wedding-invitations_0005 train-wedding-invitations_0003 train-wedding-invitations_0006 train-wedding-invitations_0004

Photo Credit: Rebecca Marie Photography

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