Video Game Wedding Invitations

Video Game Wedding Invitations

Van & Luke are HUGE gamers and their dream was to have video game wedding invitations. But the problem was that Van also wanted the invitation to be formal. The invitation was designed with different color pixels and formal fonts. The invitation was also designed in Vietnamese too! video game wedding invitations gamer wedding invitations

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video game themed wedding

On the RSVP card, I got to have a little more fun. Van and Luke sent me photos of themselves and their wedding attire. I designed an 8-bit version of the bride and groom.

pixel wedding invitation

I tied all of the inserts together with ribbon and wove fuchsia ribbon in and out to have a block pixel grid. Little details like this set your invitations apart from any your guests have ever received.


See all of Van and Luke’s video game wedding decor in this blog post. And I’ve also designed a video game Bar Mitzvah invitation too!

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