How do you choose your wedding invitation fonts?

How do you choose your wedding invitation fonts?

  1. Decide on the style of your invitations. Do you want rustic, elegant, traditional, modern?
  2. Font websites like and are excellent resources for wedding invitation fonts.
  3. Type out your names in different fonts. Sometimes the letters in your names don’t look right in some fonts.
  4. Hire an invitation designer!

modern invitation

We think this invitation is the perfect suite to show how to choose wedding invitation fonts.  Our couple comes to us from TwoFoot Creative.  They are modern and trendy and we want that to show on the invitation suite. We paired five different fonts on this invitation with unique layouts of the information.  The sans serif fonts are clean and very modern.  Then to add a little bit of fun, a handwritten font that is all lower case and used in just a few lines on the invitation.

wedding invitation fonts

This is our new favorite way to word rsvp cards.  Each card is printed with the names of the invited guests!  No more uninvited guests!  The other great feature of this wording is that you know exactly which guest ordered which entrée.  We have other examples of personalized rsvp cards here and here.

personalized rsvp card

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