Wedding Invitations for Artists

Years and years ago, we were asked to create an invitation inspired by Picasso.  We also did this amazing styled shoot with painter’s pallet as the theme. When Diane and Bern asked us to design wedding invitations for artists, we immediately thought of both editorial pieces but we took it to the next level.  Bern is an artist and they wanted Bern’s art titled Sweetest Day to be the focal point of the invitations.  We proposed doing a painter’s palette out of acrylic and then making those into the invitation.  The painter’s palette invitation was tied with ribbon into an acrylic paint set and mailed to the guests!

wedding-invitations-for-artists_0006 wedding-invitations-for-artists_0008

wedding-invitations-for-artists_0001 The acrylic wedding invitation was laser cut into the shape of a paint palette and printed with purple ink in a font inspired by Picasso’s handwriting. A small canvas was included in the box with a tag instructing the guests to paint something and bring it to reception. Diane and Bern then put all of them into one frame to create one giant The wedding invitations for arts was an authentic painter’s set with tubes of acrylic paints, brushes, a small canvas and mixing wedding-invitations-for-artists-0004 Bern really wanted the guests to have an artist inspired response card. The guests were encouraged to use the back of the rsvp to paint something and return it to with the response card!  We created custom stamps with Bern’s

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