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We LOVE designing wedding shower invitations because they are fun and unique. While designing her custom wedding invitations, Megan asked if we could design an elegant wedding shower invitation for her brunch shower. Megan wanted a silhouette of a bride in her wedding gown on the invitation. We designed the bride holding a mimosa in her hand since the shower was going to be a brunch. The shower wording listed the hosts, how to respond, and registry information. Gourmet Invitations never recommends adding the little registry cards that stores give you to include in the invitation. We also printed the matching gold envelopes were addressed with the same fonts from the invitation for a consistent and custom look to the entire shower invitations_0000

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wedding shower invitations

How to Word Wedding Shower Invitations – We have an in-depth post and infographic here.

  1. Tell your guests the nature of the shower – is it a brunch, wine them, appetizers and punch?
  2. List the honoree’s name.  This could also be listed as the couple if both will be attending the shower.
  3. You need to have the date, time, and location of the shower.
  4. Let everyone know who is hosting. We like the wording “hosted with love by”.
  5. RSVP info – we suggest an email and phone number to text.
  6. Don’t include the cheesy registry cards that department stores give you for the invitations. List the Registry information right on the invitation.

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