Wedding Stamps for 2008

There is important information regarding 2008 postage in this entry.

Stamps are the craziest thing. You probably never pay any attention to them, but once it comes to putting them on your wedding invitations, they become important. When I do consults in my studio, I often will get on the subject of postage when I hear “we can do the postcard RSVP because it is cheaper!”. I then hold up the postage for the postcard and “yes . . . BUT, here is the postcard stamp”.

I always tell my opinion. If you use standard postage, I don’t think people notice it. But if you use something custom, I think people DO notice that you have something special on there. Custom stamps are unfortunately expensive. Places like can cost up to double the face value in postage. Although I love designing them, especially if I can incorporate the design into the stamp.

Another option is to use old postage and put multiple stamps on the envelope. If it were my own wedding, this is probably what I would do. If you are good at ebay and have time to watch auctions, this is the place to go. But if you don’t have the patience to stalk auctions, you could also go to a stamp dealer. The only problem with this is that the dealers have caught on to the trend to use vintage stamps on wedding invitations and I’ve found that they charge nearly double the face value as well. So if you have to pay that much, you might as well purchase custom stamps that match your design exactly.

But my suggestion is to use postage from the post office. Even for the postcard, the best option is to use the 1oz rate stamp on there instead of the blue panther stamp. These are the current LOVE stamps issued by the post office.

ATTENTION 2008 BRIDES! The love stamps will be changing color this year! They will become green and peach instead of purple and pink. If your color scheme works better with the purple or pink BUY THEM NOW!!!! Here are the new Love stamps for 2008.

I also love the idea of using the same color scheme or theme for postage. These Chinese New Year stamps would be gorgeous on a red envelope or a red themed wedding.

And these Louis Comfort Tiffany stamps are beautiful and would look beautiful on many envelopes.

I always love flowers too and putting multiple flower stamps on the outer envelope could make a pretty design statement.

Also this year, there is another love stamp of a heart that is “cute”, but not so cute that you wouldn’t put it on a formal invitation.

To see all of the available stamps you can visit

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