Woodland Baby Shower Invitations




Woodland Baby Shower Invitations

A woodland baby shower theme is perfect for any gender baby! Cuteness abounds in these woodland baby shower invitations.  A deer, rabbit, fox, two birds, and my favorite – a hedgehog, are all inside of a laser cut forest.  When you close the card, all of the woodland animals appear to peek out from behind the forest trees.  Thin branches of the trees intertwine together.

woodland baby shower invitations

Laser Cut Woodland Invitations

The trees of the woodland forest are cut with a laser to form branches and leaves.  Then the gatefold style invitation opens and you can see all of the adorable animals inside the forest.  I love the hedgehog and the little bird sitting on the deer’s antlers. Woodgrain cardstock is the perfect choice for the trees!  Take a look at the closeup photo below to see the details of the cardstock woodgrain.

woodland baby shower invitation


laser cut woodland Woodland envelopes

I love the addresses of these envelopes. Our cute little hedgehog is holding a flower sits above the address. Then underneath, the address is in the same handwritten font as the invitation. After the guest turns the envelope over, they see the adorable bird from the invitation perched on top of the return address.

woodland envelope



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  • Donna July 26, 2017  

    How much are these and for how many? I need about 75-80. And if I could replace the hedgehog with an owl?

    • Gourmet Invitations Team August 6, 2017  
      Gourmet Invitations Team

      Hi Donna! I can customize the invitations anyway you like! I’ll send you an email

  • Kimberly August 15, 2017  

    How much for these? How many come in a pack?

    • Gourmet Invitations Team August 16, 2017  
      Gourmet Invitations Team

      Hi Kimberly! I’m sending you an email. You can order as many as you like – no pack quantities.

  • Pam Earnest August 20, 2017  

    Very interested in getting these baby invitations. Please let me know what I need to do. Thanks my email is: [email protected]

  • Erica September 10, 2017  

    I am interested in ordering this invitation. I would need maybe 40. What is the cost and if I give you what needs to be printed in the invitation, do you send a draft, and then how long before I would have them in my hands from that point?
    Very, very cute!

  • Brianna September 11, 2017  

    Hi wanted to see how much for about 50 of these invitations

    • Gourmet Invitations Team September 11, 2017  
      Gourmet Invitations Team

      Hi Brianna! I sent you an email with the link for my printable version and pricing for me to print as well!

  • Kimberly Chapman September 14, 2017  

    These are beautiful! Can you send me an email with pricing please.

  • Ashley weller September 24, 2017  

    These are adorable!!! Do you also have inserts for diaper reaffle and book in place of card? Could I get a quote for 50-75? With and without inserts. Thank you!!!! These are so unique!

  • Starr Young September 28, 2017  

    Interested in pricing. Also, if I bought the printable version could you just send me the laser cut outer piece?

  • Starr Young September 28, 2017  

    These are so cute! Interested in pricing. Also, if I purchase the printable version can I buy the laser cut tree part separate?