Bridal Shower Invites – 5 ideas for your shower theme

Deciding on a theme for your wedding shower invitations can be difficult. I’ve come up with a list of ideas to consider for your bridal shower invites.

1. A Kitchen Wedding Shower

Having a shower based on a room in your house, or particular items is always a good idea! These kitchen wedding shower invitations are printed with letterpress and have pink kitchen utensils. Other ideas in this category are Pantry showers, bedroom showers, intimate showers (for your younger girl friends), linen closet showers, and patio showers!

kitchen bridal shower invitations

2. Have your bridal shower invites match your wedding!

When you can’t decide on a theme or even color scheme for your wedding shower invitations, take a look at the wedding? Carry your color scheme (Bonus: Use some of the same decor items!) from the wedding to the shower. If you are doing a vintage theme wedding, do a vintage bridal shower invitation. This invitation is featured in our blog post about bridal shower invitation wording. Click the link to read more wording for wedding shower invitations.

vintage bridal shower invitations


3. Brunch and Mimosa wedding shower invitations

This is my favorite because brunch is my favorite meal! A brunch or breakfast wedding shower, or an afternoon tea, even a backyard bbq can all be the theme for your bridal shower and invitations. Another idea is to revolve the theme around the food you are serving. Read more about this invitation in this blog post.

brunch wedding shower invitations

4. Your bridal shower invites can be themed after your hobbies, passions, or lifestyle

This wine themed wedding shower invitation is so much fun. The invitations are cork, printed on a wood cardstock and designed to look like a wine barrel. The bride put wax seals on top of the tan tissue to mimic the seal on the top of a wine bottle. Then the favors have initials on wine cork wine glass tags! This client takes her love for wine and revolves the entire bridal shower around it. You can do the same with your hobby or loves! Love to read? Do a book themed shower. If you like to cycle, how about a bicycle built for two wedding shower? The ideas are endless.

wine wedding shower invitations

5. Patterns or Colors for wedding shower invitations

If none of the other themes give you an idea for your bridal shower invites, you can choose a pretty pattern. These invitations are designed with an ikat pattern and the pattern is then used for table clothes, pillows and even serving trays for this shower. Then consider your college colors or your favorite colors. Chevron, stripes, damask, or even hexagon shapes are all ideas for your wedding shower invitations.

patterned wedding shower invitations

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