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Martha Stewart Weddings – My goal achieved – almost

One of my longtime goals is to be published in MS Weddings – Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. I had always joked that if I am published there, I would close up shop because it doesn’t get any better than that. I was asked to give advice in the “Ask Martha” Section in the Spring 2017 edition. Now to just have an invitation published and my goal will be 100% achieved!

martha stewart weddings invitation advice

After I got over the shock of being asked, I did the phone interview with the editors and gave my advice for the question: “Our parents are not paying for our wedding. Should we include their names on the invitations?”

Going strictly by tradition, the invitation should list the names of those hosting the wedding. So you can leave their names off if you wish. However, etiquette doesn’t always reflect reality – or prevent hurt feelings. “Many couples who pay for their own wedding still include their parents,” says Tifany Wunschl, owner of Gourmet Invitations. “Wording like ‘together with their families’ is a go-to for a couple who are paying for their wedding.” Another inclusive option: List each of your names followed by a line that states “daughter of (insert your parents’ names)”.


martha stewart weddings

You can see tons of examples on my website with these wording options!

Parents names are listed under the couples’ names

Together with their families

Bride and Groom Hosting, parents are not listed

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